About Us


Founded in 2012, SourceSync is a dynamic privately held company. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, we have strong relationships with industry colleagues and manufacturers worldwide. Having identified the need for US-based product management and cost-effective solutions, SourceSync serves more than 1,000 active customers in a variety of markets. These relationships have been developed over years of industry experience.

SourceSync is not just another rubber company; we believe in the power of innovation, and are committed to the exploration of new materials and manufacturing techniques that help us exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. We believe exceptional customer service is the true difference between standard and standout. Our knowledge of global manufacturing keeps the company competitive in today's market and at the forefront of international trends, products and processes. With SourceSync you can depend on a domestic supplier to bring you services and pricing that is competitive on an international scale.

We've assembled a team of engineers with high exposure to diverse, cost-sensitive manufacturing. In addition, each team member has had industry experience in virtually every market including commercial, automotive, life sciences, government/military, aerospace, and consumer products. We believe our engineers and business development leaders’ ability to understand emerging market needs stem from having international resources working together as a team. Strategic partnerships in Asia, Europe, and the United States have helped us provide exceptional custom solutions.

Our background and fundamental engineering expertise lie within the fabrication, development, and application of elastomeric-based products utilized in demanding environments. Understanding that every client’s needs are unique, our services span a wide range. SourceSync engineers can help consult on a basic design and manufacturing feasibility. Customers can expect fast turnaround on drawings, models, and data. We serve individuals searching for engineering support and large corporations looking to enhance supplier relations and global development.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and we look forward to working with you!

~Managing Partners