Case Studies

Bell Grommet
Bell Grommet

Custom designed to retro-fit existing assemblies. Tooling required and developed from 3D models.

HNBR Gasket
Manifold Gasket

Geometry extracted from an existing manifold to create the perimeter of the gasket. Gasket overmolded for both rigidity and sealing effects. Similar to that of a standard edge bonded gasket, but a fully overmolded gasket fit this application better.

Vibration Isolator
Vibration Mount

An example of Finite Element Analysis (FEA), our group of engineers are capable of running. Even more complex is our ability to understand the non-linearities of elastomeric substances and performing FEA.

Fuel Diaphragm

This application demanded a diaphrgam that was capable of handling high temperature conditions and material compatibility with hydrocarbon-based media. Silicone meets the temperature requirements, while a flourinated elastomer such as FKM can handle the media. As a result FVMQ (flourinated silicone) proved to be the right fit. Flourosilicones excel in high temperature resistance and attack from oils and fuels. They also have exceptional low temperature properties which prevent shrinkage. In addition, as the burst pressure was manageable with the convolution width, fabric reinforcement was not required.

Vibration Isolation Pads
Vibration Isolation Pad

Customer required Finite Element Analysis on axially loaded Vibration Isolation Pads mounted to support bracketing hardware. Analysis was completed to optimize pad geometry and capture the non-linear material characteristics of Natural Rubber.