Molded Seals & Gaskets


In the world of precision sealing, gaskets and molded components form critical connections, enabling a wide range of equipment to operate efficiently. SourceSync produces a wide variety of seals and gaskets that are frequently used in the aerospace, aviation, defense and medical industries. Our elastomeric seals have numerous applications, including aircraft baggage door seals, lavatory and galley seals, spoiler seals, flap-to-wing seals and cockpit seals, to name a few.

Our gaskets are fabricated from specially-formulated elastomer mixtures that we tailor to your exact project requirements. We can manufacture seals that operate in nearly any environment, including vacuum, high pressure, extreme hot or cold, fuel or chemically corrosive. To aid in installation and enhance reliability, we develop optimized adhesives and mounting interfaces for the gaskets. We can also mold or extrude gaskets to very precise dimensional tolerances, when required.

All of our seals and gaskets are rigorously tested to ensure that they conform to the design and will operate reliably. We can perform a wide range of physical and mechanical tests on the seal configurations to validate lifecycle performance, compression strengths, deflection rates, elongation, compression sets, changes in geometry and deterioration over time and exposure to different elements.

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