Rubber Products & Solutions

O-Ring and Seals

With many o-rings in-stock, we have exactly what you are looking for and we can assure immediate delivery of any size in large or small quantities. You will find a elastomer selection ranging from extreme cold temperatures down to -45°C (-49°F) as well as elastomer choices that will perform in extreme high temperature up to 320°C (600°F). We have specific HNBR, FKM, FFKM and FEPM formulations tested and certified to the requirements of NORSOK M-710, ISO 23936-2 and API 6A.

Molded Seals and Gaskets

SourceSync offers custom molded or machined seals in a virtually infinite range of shapes and cross sections. These seals are designed to work as individual components or in combination with other sealing products in a system. Our custom machined seals are molded and cut with precision tooling to a given geometry utilizing the latest technology, ensuring the highest quality.

Custom Molded Products

SourceSync specializes in custom molded rubber, rubber molding, and custom rubber parts and services to the OEM marketplace in a wide variety of industries, including: automotive, food/water handling, fluid power, military and aerospace, medical, commercial electronics, industrial controls.Whether your application requires material development, design assistance, specific testing or extremely tight tolerances, our staff of professional chemists and engineers will develop and deliver your custom rubber parts and products.

Extruded Seals and Profiles

SourceSync offers extruded products in rigid, flexible or co-extruded thermoplastic and elastomeric tubing, profiles and gaskets. SourceSync has the ability to design and manufacture engineered elastomeric extruded profiles, lathe cuts and spliced/fabricated gaskets. SourceSync’s extruded product capabilities and technologies include compression and liquid injection molding, precision cutting, splicing and fabricating and close tolerance extruding to meet customers needs.

Vibration Isolators & Mounts

Vibration isolators prevent damage by controlling noise, vibration and shock from equipment and machinery. Vibration and shock management is an inherent factor in many types of applications from engine mounts to aviation equipment. SourceSync's expertise can help solve control problems. We will analyze your situation and provide the most effective and affordable custom-engineered solutions available, including custom-designed mounts or product combinations.

Rubber Hose

SourceSync supplies a wide variety of hoses for applications that meet all current EPA and CARB standards. Our industrial hose products are the preferred choice for transferring abrasive materials, acid and chemicals, air, compressed gases, food, fuel, oil, steam, welding gases, water and many other materials. We manufacture a variety of hoses with covers resistant to abrasion, chemicals, flame, heat, oil, ozone, ultraviolet light and weathering.

Rubber Sheeting

SourceSync supplies thin gauge and heavy gauge commercial and industrial grade rubber sheet material. Our product line includes Natural Gum Rubber along with synthetic elastomers like EPDM, Neoprene, BUNA-N (Nitrile), Silicone and thermoplastic materials. Our industrial rubber meets and exceeds most ASTM specifications and is manufactured under strict guidelines for quality. Most of our rubber is sold by the square yard and volume discounts apply to rubber purchased in rolls. Different durometers are available.

Inflatable Bladders & Seals

SourceSync produces thousands of custom bladder-type fabrications for a host of industries including defense, aerospace, marine, automotive and environmental. These devices include inflatable bladders, floatation pontoons, marine fenders, tank liners, clutches, dampers, actuators, hydraulic accumulators, attenuators, presses, cuffs, gas samplers, lift bags, balloons, compensators, air cells, forms, pneumatic structures, pipe plugs, ducting, flex-tanks, breather bags, airtight zipper bags, inflatable targets, decoys, seals, pond liners, dikes and collapsible drums. SourceSync's advanced design and engineering capabilities are state-of-the-art. Our CAD-design department and robotics enable us to readily accelerate the design-and-build process.