Strategic Sourcing

Competing in a Global Market Today

In the highly competitive global industrial market, it can be tough to find qualified suppliers in Low Cost Countries. It is no secret that sourcing from Low Cost Countries leverages companies with lower labor wages and production costs to bolster the bottom-line by reducing operating costs. However, if there is not an effective sourcing management strategy in place, the procurement process can cause headaches and present many pitfalls. In some cases, it is difficult to keep up with supplier relationship management due to language and cultural differences. In fact, sometimes international sourcing presents no value or cost savings.

Here’s where SourceSync comes into play:

We have the expertise and the knowledge to streamline the procurement process and successfully import products manufactured in Low Cost Countries. We leverage our experience with your requirements across our manufacturing and resource base to design, develop, manufacture and deliver components, assemblies and finished product. Most clients can realize up to 30-40% savings from their current purchasing situation. When we combine our expertise in materials development and design assistance, with manufacturing and supply chain management, you and your end users benefit. This greatly minimizes relative risk in the purchasing process. While we have a strong business acumen, we are fundamentally an Engineering focused company at our core. This technical approach not only guarantees cost savings, but products we can stand behind. With SourceSync’s expertise, purchasing can be as straightforward as working with a supplier next door.

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Rubber Components

Looking for rubber components from low cost countries but don't want the hassle?

SourceSync enables you to choose what is best for your company when sourcing rubber products. We have the capability to mold, extrude, die cut, water jet cut various elastomeric materials. Engineers are ready to assist you in creating custom rubber formulations to meet the criteria of your application. Rather than being limited to generic compounding methods, we are knowledgeable of the most up-to-date processes used by leading compounders in industry. SourceSync is dedicated to quality and material consistency so our customers have the peace of mind that the product will behave and stay in service as intended.

Read more about elastomeric materials and compounds here.

In addition to a variety of rubber products, we also have extensive experience with vibration control applications. We specialize in rubber to metal bonded products specifically designed to solve any vibration control problem. When faced with vibration, shock, or noise, or control issues, SourceSync is ready to meet the challenge. This means our products are engineered to meet rigid specifications required by a particular application.

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Rubber Design Guide

Rubber Design Guide (PDF)

New to Rubber Design? This guide has everything you need to get started.

Plastic Components

By leveraging our expertise in the field of elastomeric materials, we are able to apply our knowledge to the world of plastics. More specifically, we work on a regular basis with engineered plastics which havemore ideal mechanical and/or thermal properties than commoditized plastic materials. Some of these materials range from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) to polycarbonates. These types of materials have gained popularity in replacing materials such as wood or metal in many applications. Components are designed with weight/strength and other properties in mind while benefitting from the ease of manufacture. Current global market consumption of plastics was estimated to be $45 billion in 2011 and expected to reach $76 billion by 2017. With extensive knowledge of innovate processes and years of experience in the field, SourceSync is able to find the most cost effective solution for any application and deliver quality products.

No matter the application or challenge, our engineers are ready to help you design and manufacture your plastic component needs.

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CNC Machining Design Guide

Plastics Design Guide (PDF)

New to Plastics? This guide has everything you need to get started.

Client Success

SourceSync's team of engineers provide advanced and general engineering for design modules, sub-assemblies, and individual components. We provide design and engineering services to customers across wide range of industries. Our ability to deliver innovative solutions and value added services have made us a reliable partner. We utilize applicable quality standards, capability studies, and consultation with world-class chief engineers to support all phases of product design from concpet studies through full detail design. No matter the type of component- rubber, plastic or metal our engineers have a broad range of engineering talent to address your challenges. Our process driven development programs assure the requirements are fufilled and risks are properly identified.

Our rigorous testing and qualification process assures your product is ready to be manufactured prior to full scale production. To learn more about SourceSync's prior projects, please see the small collection of examples below or navigate to our case studies page.

Bell Grommet

Custom designed to retrofit existing assemblies. Commercial grade EPDM selected for excellent weatherability and ozone resistance. Tooling required and developed from 3D models and physical measurements.

Manifold Gasket

Geometry extracted from an existing manifold to create the perimeter of the Siicone (VMQ) gasket. Gasket overmolded for both rigidity and sealing enhancement. Similar to that of a standard edge bonded gasket, but a fully overmolded gasket provides better performance.

Vibration Isolator

Selection of a proper mount is essential in vibration and shock management. We've helped customers combat their NVH issues with our analysis and custom-engineered solutions. Typical materials include Neoprene for Oil Resistance and Isoprene for its hysterisis characteristics.

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Timeless Quality and Unsurpassed Customer Service

SourceSync has a quality system that is an integral part of every process from material development , tool design, tool fabrication, and manufacturing. This combined effort results in the creation of high quality components for our customers. Our Quality System is based on the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Standard. To insure consistency in our manufacturing processes, advanced Statistical Process Controls are utilized to monitor material properties, mixing, molding operations, and final product conformance to specifications.

We have trained quality personnel within our facility working to assure an "in control" molding process maintained. The elastomeric materials are mixed under strict controls implemented by our chemists. Data on cure rates and physical properties are charted and reviewed to assure consistency of the mixed compounds.

The final proof of the success of these efforts is the part itself. To insure quality, parts are visually inspected for conformance to design criteria. Additional testing is available based on customer's needs.

Our Mission Statement

SourceSync will achieve profitable growth as a problem solver, solutions provider of quality products and services to our customers as an industry leader.

Quality Policy

SourceSync will provide a quality system to meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations while ensuring continuous improvement of our products, processes and people.

Management Commitment Statement

SourceSync will establish, document, implement and maintain a Quality Management System and continualy improve its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the TS/ISO Standard.

We invite you to take a more in depth look at our quality capabilities here.