Vibration Isolators & Mounts


SourceSync designs, manufactures and tests shock attenuation and vibration isolation mounting systems for the most demanding environments. Our applications engineers will help you select from our standard shock and vibration mount line or help you custom design, prototype and implement a custom solution for your application. SourceSync design engineers have multiple material options to choose from in any new design. Both synthetic and organic elastomer compounds are available including custom compounds found only at SourceSync. We can analyze and select mounting systems for your application in concert with providing innovative mechanical packaging to aid in installation and optimize isolation, attenuation and damping performance of your equipment mounting system. We pride ourselves on being more technically savvy, cheaper, faster!

Vibration Control Specialists

We provide solutions for your equipment's dynamic protection problems and are experts at quick-turn, affordable results. A majority of the products we specialize in are rubber to metal bonded products. This means our products are engineered to meet rigid specifications required by each particular application. Part of our capability is the strict quality control and performance of individual components. Our products and solutions are specifically designed to solve any vibration control problem.

Design and Analysis

SourceSync offers vibration control engineering services in the following areas:

  • Design of structures, isolation systems and foundations to reduce shock and vibration
  • Noise, vibration and harshness analysis to aid in design and gain favorable vibration and acoustic behavior in applications
  • Detailed calculations of shock and vibration in structures and equipment

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Vibration Isolators, Noise Control, Shear Mounts, Shock Mounts and More

Our full range of products now include metal to rubber isolators designed to address a complete range of vehicular, non-vehicular and stationary applications. Feel free to browse the products below or explore our "Vibration Isolators & Mounts 101 Guide" for help.


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Center Bonded Mounts

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Plate Form Mounts

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Two-Piece Mounts

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Flange Mounts

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Compression Mounts

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Shear Mounts

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Rubber Bumpers

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