Specialized Rubber Solutions

Vibration Isolators, Noise Control, Shear Mounts, and Shock Mounts

Our applications engineers will help you select from our standard shock and vibration mount line for avionics, vehicle electronics, laser targeting optics or guide you in optimal isolation system approaches for your installation. SourceSync design engineers have multiple material options to choose from in any new design. Both synthetic and organic elastomer compounds are available including custom silicone blends found only at SourceSync. We are experts in the design of metal-mesh mounts and wire rope isolators. We can analyze and select mounting systems for your application in concert with providing innovative mechanical packaging to aid in installation and optimize isolation, attenuation and damping performance of your equipment mounting system. We pride ourselves on being better, cheaper, faster!


Easy-to-install Center Bonded Bushings and Square Bonded Bushings are used in applications where the absorption shock, attenuation of noise, reduction of wear and elimination of lubrication is required. Typical applica­tions include wheel suspensions, vibratory feeders, mobile power equipment and vibratory cable layers.

Center Bonded Mounts

Center Bonded Mounts isolate vibration, control shock and reduce noise due to structure borne vibrations. These mounts effectively protect equipment and improve operator comfort. They are ideal for automotive, marine, railroad and industrial markets.

Grommet Isolators

Standard Grommet Isolators and Damped Grommet Isolators provide effective, economical vibration isolation for light loads. They are suitable for commercial and military applications including computers, disk drives, business machines, precision instrumentation and general industrial equipment.

Plateform Mounts

Plateform Mounts provide effective isolation against vibration. The contour of the flexing element was developed to provide uniform stress distribution. Typical applications include electronic equipment, business machines, medical equipment and small pumps, engines and gen sets.

Machinery Mounts

Machinery Mounts are designed to support heavy equipment and isolate intermittent or continuous vibration. The result is greater machine accuracy, longer service life, smoother operation and reduced maintenance. These mounts are available in four types to suit different needs: Lattice Mounts, Chan-L™ Mounts, Leveling Mounts and Industrial Shock Mounts

Two-Piece Mounts

Two-Piece Mounts are designed for applications involving severe dynamic forces in the static load direction, as well as the rebound direction. These mounts are designed to support engines, cabs and accessory units, accommodate frame racking and twisting while isolating vibration and absorbing shock.