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Extruded Rubber & Plastic Products
Low Cost Tooling & Short Lead Times
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Seals & O-Rings
SourceSync stocks one of the world’s largest inventories
of O-Rings and Innovative Sealing Solutions
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Custom Molded Rubber
Low Cost Tooling & Short Lead Times
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Injection Molded Plastic
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Over 20 Years Experience
A Leader in Precision Made Rubber and Plastic Components
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O-Rings, Backup Rings
and Seals

SourceSync has specialized in the development of sealing solutions for over 20 years. We’re able to provide a diverse line of products to meet your sealing application requirements. Our offerings cover O-Rings to Hydraulic and NSF 61 seals. Many of our solutions are custom developed for the most critical dynamic and static sealing applications.

Custom Molded Rubber
and Plastic Products

Our polymer expertise allows us to design and recommend cost effective, engineered solutions for just about any application utilizing rubber or plastic. We are able to quickly help determine the best geometry or manufacturing method to meet cost and delivery requirements. Additionally, we can offer testing and validation for high level applications in the automotive industry, medical components, etc.

Extruded Rubber
and Plastic

Our customers come to us to determine whether rubber or plastic extrusion profiles are the best fit for their application. In addition to design support and technical capabilities such as co-extrusion, flocking, PSA and coatings, we offer industry leading lead times and very low cost tooling. Our extruded products are used heavily in the automotive industry as well as a variety of other industries such as medical applications, heavy duty vehicles, busses and much more.

Vibration Mounts
and Isolators

Anti-vibration mounts and other vibration-control products reduce the level of noise and vibration frequency caused by everyday machinery for compression and shear applications. SourceSync offers the highest quality vibration isolators which are manufactured to the highest standards utilizing superior materials. If you need a mount for a specific application, we offer many solutions to reduce vibration, shock, and noise. For help sizing a mount, our engineering is available to assist you.

Why Choose SourceSync?

SourceSync Rubber & Plastics is a premier provider of all your rubber and plastic needs. Our extensive industry expertise allows us to take on complex challenges and help world-class organizations solve unique component challenges. We’re not just a rubber company!

Make A Customer, Not A Sale

Our company culture is established every day by the motivated, dedicated professionals who work here. Our team of professionals all have the goal to prioritize people and are focused on meeting customer needs, rather than blindly following established procedures.

Elastomers….It’s What We Do

We’ve assembled an engineering team which has had longstanding work in the elastomer industry and has allowed us to accumulate a comprehensive understanding of knowledge, relationships, contacts and connections. We consider ourselves diligent to be knowledgeable on all leading-edge technology and to stay at the forefront of technical advances in industry.

Custom Design to Application

Engineers and designers appreciate the ease of working with us because they get quick answers and results. We’ve encountered many unique applications and have also recommended creative solutions to our customers. Save time and let us do the leg work!

Advanced Materials and Testing Capabilities

Our accredited laboratory and testing partners employ processes that are both proven and repeatable to provide you with traceable results so customers can find comfort that they are getting exactly what they’ve paid for. We do not cut corners and are true to our word and backed by test results.

Elastomeric Material Solutions

Whatever the application or component, we offer an extensive library of high performance engineered elastomeric materials. Our advanced and custom material solutions are designed into products and applications in segments where high reliability and mission-critical performance are essential.

More Than Just Competitive Pricing

Whether it be cost-savings or application requirements, we are committed to offering the right product at the cost you desire without sacrificing performance and quality. Our team relies on our technical ability to communicate how differences in product design, manufacturing methods, or materials can affect the total cost of your desired solution.

Your Quote Is Only A Click Away!

If you are looking for dedicated professionals to take on your project, our team at SourceSync are the Elastomer Application EXPERTS with over 20 years experience. 

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and give you a FREE quote.